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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2009

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2008That they may become one
in your hand

Ezekiel 37: 17
The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity celebrated 100 years in 2008. While Sacred Space is in only its tenth year, it too has become a gathering place for thousands of Christians daily. Although we never ask, our Feedback pages show that people come from a range of traditions. We are happy to welcome you all to this global place of shared prayer. If you have an insight that might encourage others in their prayer, you are welcome to offer it here.

17 Responses to “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2009”

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  1. Alice :

    The flourishing ecumenical partnerships in our parishes are a wonderful advance – at last we concentrate on what unites us, not on what divides us. And how petty the inter-Christian squabbles seem in the face of the suffering of the world. The closer we truly draw to God, the closer we come to each other. Thank God for Sacred Space, where we can all find peace, love, wise advice and encouragement!


  2. Stella :

    What I would say to all Christians is: venture out of your churches. Open yourself up to all people whether Christian or not and meet them as fellow children of God. Live your lives as people wanting to simply to pass on the love of Jesus. Once you identify less with “Church” and more with simply being a disciple of Jesus, you will be surprised how little the “crossing the I’s” and “dotting the T’s” of dogma and doctrine becomes. God made us all as unique individuals and he reveals himself to each of us in a unique way.
    The beauty of Sacred Space is that we are all able to meet here without identifying ourselves as “this denomination” or “from that tradition”. It is so liberating!
    God bless us all.


  3. Antoine :

    Truly, when God is made the centre point, then all the rest falls into place. These past 12 months have been of a good sign towards ecumenism. I pray for unification … I aim high … “That we may all be ONE”


  4. John S :

    Several years ago during a ecumenical study during Lent we had a hardly original vision that we are all on a journey towards God who we saw at the top of the mountain. We start at different base camps (an Anglican camp, a Catholic camp, a Methodist camp etc.) where we enjoy different experiences. As we leave our base camps and start on our journeys we find that some things which we have in base camp are too heavy to be taken to the top of the mountain and must be left behind. At the very top of the mountain we have nothing but oxygen (the breath of God) but we are in the same place as those who started from different base camps.


  5. Renetta :

    I believe with all my heart that we are one world, one people, one, the children of God, the CHILD of God. It is my fervent prayer that we recall and remember we are called by Christ to walk in his ways and to see Him revealed in the faces of all and that all reflect the face of God.
    I pray that we focus on being the caretakers of God’s glorious creation. God is Love. God is Justice. God is Peace. God’s kingdom is at hand. Christ calls us to live in God’s reign, dwell in God’s Kingdom, remember whose domain we are citizens of.


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