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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2009

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2008That they may become one
in your hand

Ezekiel 37: 17
The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity celebrated 100 years in 2008. While Sacred Space is in only its tenth year, it too has become a gathering place for thousands of Christians daily. Although we never ask, our Feedback pages show that people come from a range of traditions. We are happy to welcome you all to this global place of shared prayer. If you have an insight that might encourage others in their prayer, you are welcome to offer it here.

17 Responses to “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2009”

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  1. Felisberto :

    I’m a Portuguese Catholic priest. I feel myself as a priest for all the Christianity and for all the people in the earth. I pray with all those who believe in Jesus Christ, for those who trust peace, love, understanding and justice.
    I pray, here, just now, for the unity

    P. Felisberto


  2. Monica :

    How appropriate that I went to a “Week of Christian Unity” service last night at the Second Baptist Church in Paso Robles, California. The predominately African-American congregation was ecstatic and jubilant over the swearing in of our new president, Barack Obama. All who were present felt the Holy Spirit among us and the feeling of oneness.

    At the end of the service, the Pastor commented on how wonderful it was that so many different Christian denominations were together last night singing and praising, but come Sunday, we would all be back to our own churches worshiping separately again. It really made me think that we still have a long way to go before we truly have unity.


  3. John :

    Malaysia is a multi-cultural and multi-religious country and on a daily basis, it is more likely that we will encounter non-Christians rather than Christians. Christians are a minority but I am glad that Christian individuals and groups have been at the forefront of social work, standing up for social justice and championing the cause of the poor and downtrodden.

    Certainly, much more can be done to unite Christian denominations, but when we work together for a common goal, we truly become brothers and sisters in Christ.


  4. Peter :

    I turn seventy this year and my spiritual life has been a roller coaster but thankfully has always come back to the basic belief that trust in God is the only way forward. I have met people of all religions over the years and find that they all seek the one thing – a peaceful life that only an ongoing trust in God can bring.


  5. Jo :

    Our church has designated 2009 as the “Year of the Child”. Our congregation is older and if we do not reach out to the children, we will die. Unity within congregations is so difficult to achieve. Technology as well as so much outside the community of faith to draw our interests. The one thing that we all need is acceptance and grace. If we reach across cultural, sexual, generational, and racial barriers, we will see what Christ can do in our churches. The children drew close to Jesus because of Who He was, not what He could do. They couldn’t stay away. As the church, if we are Him, they won’t be able to either.


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