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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2009

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2008That they may become one
in your hand

Ezekiel 37: 17
The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity celebrated 100 years in 2008. While Sacred Space is in only its tenth year, it too has become a gathering place for thousands of Christians daily. Although we never ask, our Feedback pages show that people come from a range of traditions. We are happy to welcome you all to this global place of shared prayer. If you have an insight that might encourage others in their prayer, you are welcome to offer it here.

17 Responses to “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2009”

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  1. Jerry :

    Jesus was sent to all of us by the Father, He is the greatest gift, a Sacred blessing to all humanity. No matter what belief do we had Jesus is for all, to bring PEACE, UNITY and LOVE. Help us continue praying for peace and unity in our Land Mindanao-Philippines and the for the whole world, may we realize that we are born to be a blessing for our fellow human beings.


  2. Tom :

    I have been reading St. Paul’s second letter to the Corinithians in which he challenges certain leaders in their congregation who criticize him and appear to preach doctrines that St. Paul questions. What strikes me, in this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, is that neither Paul nor the dissenting Corinthians were threatening to throw each other out. God’s will be done. Maybe all these centuries of the separted churches hating, insulting, excommunicating and killing one another serve some good long-term purpose, but it is very hard to see what it is, especially since we all recognize love is primary among the Christan virtues. Maybe Christan Unity begins with acceptance, understanding, tolerance, collaboration, dialogue, love — recognizing that, while we have differences, we have more in common, Jesus Himself. The Corinthians were in Corinth and Paul was wherever he was, and Jesus was in the midst of all of them.


  3. Roger :

    The local Catholic priest preached at our Anglican church (Buckden) yesterday.
    Father Jim is a jolly round gentleman who had us laughing, but spoke in God’s grace and affirmed our calling to the Lord. Our rector is a young mother of two – she went to the Methodists and had a good time.
    Truly we are all one in Him, on Sacred Space we know this to be so, and can share the hopes and sufferings of our brothers and sisters, but always, always – come away encouraged. Bless you all


  4. susan :

    My prayer is that all Christians be reunited as one. I also prayer that people of all faiths, whether Christian or not be united under one God.


  5. sabrina :

    When God is the goal we are striving for, spiritual and religious development won’t be easy. Keep your eye on the goal and let God, Jesus, Mother Mary and the Holy Spirit carry you to perfection.


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