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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2009

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2008That they may become one
in your hand

Ezekiel 37: 17
The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity celebrated 100 years in 2008. While Sacred Space is in only its tenth year, it too has become a gathering place for thousands of Christians daily. Although we never ask, our Feedback pages show that people come from a range of traditions. We are happy to welcome you all to this global place of shared prayer. If you have an insight that might encourage others in their prayer, you are welcome to offer it here.

17 Responses to “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2009”

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  1. Julia :

    If we truly believe that God is present in all of us and therefore all around us, we must strive to always remember this and realize our call, then, is to treat all people and ourselves with the respect and love that God deserves.
    We are all sinners, yes, but we all have endless potential through Christ if we always remember that we are in God’s presence at all times. Let everything we do reflect an awareness of this Holy and living presence through our actions, thoughts, and words. Love is foreign to no language or denomination, and we all share the common goal of spreading that love to all. Every day, every hour is a gift from God. If we truly let this realization settle into our souls, we would truly realize that there is no better time than the present to follow our call to love and to do His work! God bless you!


  2. Judy :

    Because of weather and health concerns I could not go out to join in local Christian unity services but, again, my need has been met by Sacred Space. You do indeed bridge the gap and the responses of others show the unity, I thank God and am hopeful for us all.


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