Will there be other translations of Sacred Space?

Sacred Space is available in many languages. You will find a list of these at the top of our home page, http://www.sacredspace.ie/  


Catalan  –   Chinese  –  Croatian  –   Czech  –   English  –   French  –   German  –   Hungarian  –   Indonesian  –   Irish  –   Italian  –   Japanese  –   Korean  –   Latvian  –   Lithuanian  –   Polish    Portuguese  –   Romanian  –   Russian  –   Slovenian  –   Spanish  –   Swedish   


 We are happy to encourage new translations.

New translations will be given access to our system where they can work online to make texts available. We are currently working on our system and hope to be able to renew the introduction of new versions later in 2009.

If you would like to suggest a langauge or offer to help when one becomes available, please contact us.

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