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The new versions of Sacred Space

We received a terrific response to the first issue of Latest Space, which we sent out in November.  One of the main topics in that edition was the development of the language versions of Sacred Space, and since then we received offers of translations from various parts of the world, and the Dutch, Korean and Latvian sites have all gone live.  The German, Polish and Catalan versions are being compiled at the moment, all by willing volunteers.  Woo-Bae Sohn is a Korean Jesuit, going for ordination this year, who had the site already online, but we didn’t know about it until another Korean told us that it existed!  And Marzena Frolow contacted Róisín from Poland saying that she was part of a CLC group – Christian Life Community – and they were thinking of taking on the translation.  She is currently working on it, to be ready for Easter, and the site will be hosted by the Polish Jesuits in Krakow.  Our appreciation and thanks go to all who help make Sacred Space available to so many different people around the world.

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