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Gerry O’Hanlon SJ, author of The recession and God reflects on praying in recessionary times

I meet many people who are worried and fed up these days. There seems to be no end to the bad news – unemployment rising, pensions wiped out, uncertainty everywhere and an ugly mood of discontent. I wonder was it like this for Job? Or for the Psalmist who asked ‘how long must we wait?’

Funny how that visit to my 86 year old Uncle Rory last week was one of God’s ways of helping me to see things in a different light. Rory lived with my dad and the rest of their large family in a 3-storey house in Hardwick Street, in the heart of Dublin, back in the 1920s. He described how they had a toilet and tap in the yard: there they washed, and fetched water in a bucket for the cooking. “It was all we knew”, he said “and we were happy”.

I know, Lord, that Rory is not some kind of grumpy Luddite, full of nostalgia for times past. He appreciates so much the real progress we have made, the beautiful houses we live in. But he does regret the passing of those other values which affluence has tended to suppress – like the time we had for one another, the kind of solidarity which excessive competition destroys. I can understand better now what the French poet Charles Péguy meant when he wrote that ‘everything begins in mysticism and ends in politics’.

And so, Lord, help me like Job to be patient, to listen to the many reassurances of Jesus telling me ‘do not be afraid’, to imagine a future in which economic growth will seek a ‘richness of sufficiency’ which will respect our planet and the common good of all – rich and poor – who live on it. Help me to believe that this is possible, because in the resurrection of Jesus you have shown that evil is, in the end, defeated. Fill me with confident hope in your love.

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  1. Patrick :

    Economics speaks to economics keep your soul out of that conversation.
    Love speaks to Love engage your soul…
    Seek/Receive the Love…and be
    The Love you receive will continue from you and all you effect…
    Allow yourself to be Loved.
    God knows all…and has always been in control


  2. From the USA :

    Times are hard for everyone, everywhere. What we have to remember is that the Lord knows our every need. He will supply everything we need. Even when we think that all is lost and nothing is happening he is there.


  3. From Ireland :

    A friend recently introduced me to this site…and I am so glad she did. It has been a real blessing and now I seek out that special time in my bedroom, away from the hustle and bustle of life, and with laptop on lap, I go to this site for comfort, encouragement, identification and mostly ….the love of God who fills me with His sweet presence…and lets me know He is always with me…and will never leave or forsake me. That is good news …dear friends!


  4. From the USA :

    This is my first visit to Sacred Space and it is helping me feel calm and centered when I’ve been feeling scattered and stressed. I recently relocated to a new city and the past two weeks I have been frantically applying for jobs, for hours each day, and have yet to hear anything back, not even an invitation to interview. I’ve been really craving some spiritual guidance, every decision seems so much more important and dire during this time of economic crisis. Last night I couldn’t sleep until the sun was starting to rise for worry. After spending some time reading this article and today’s prayer I feel a little more contented. I have been doing my part on the physical plane, now it is time to check in with my soul and find my center.


  5. From The Philippines :

    God has His way of lifting us up when we are down. I haven’t been visiting Sacred Space for several months now but as I woke up this morning, I was drawn to this site again. I thank the Lord for leading me to this well-timed reflection and inspiring comments. Everyone who made a comment here just made a positive impact in my life today. Let us all keep the Faith. Indeed, only God will suffice. God bless us all.


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