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Day 7: The mission of Francis in South Asia – 1542-1549 (part 3)

Francis Xavier spent seven years on the South India coast, constantly travelling up and down, preaching, teaching, consoling, comforting, begging for the poor, visiting the sick.

Francis believed that those who were not baptised were destined never to share the delights of heaven. But he also wanted to share the love of Christ with others. His journeys became part of his urgent task to baptise as many people as possible. He baptised thousands of people. Francis always saw a person as a whole, body, mind and spirit. He was concerned about material needs as well as spiritual ones.

As the extent of the continent of Asia, with the populous nations of India, Japan and China, became apparent to him, Francis appealed to Ignatius for others to share the work with him.


  • What animates me? When do I start to get enthusiastic about things?
  • Am I as concerned about developing my mind and spirit as I am in taking care of the health of my body?
  • Lord, may I be ever busy about sharing the news of your love with others.

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