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Day 4: Francis and his companions in Rome (1536-1539)

After Paris, Ignatius and his companions decided to travel to Rome to be at the service of the Pope. In Rome, they worked in hospitals, looking after the sick. They begged for alms, and preached about the love of God.

On June 24, 1537, Francis, Ignatius, and four other companions were ordained priests. As the group grew, the work entailed correspondence with a vast number of people. Francis became secretary to Ignatius. This cannot have been an appealing work an outgoing person like Francis.

In 1539 King John of Portugal asked the Pope for two Jesuits to go to India. Two others were chosen, but at the last minute one of them fell ill, and Francis was asked by Ignatius to take his place. He accepted.


  • Faced with challenges and difficult choices, how do I tend to react?
  • Do I seek advice from family and friends, and turn to God for help?
  • At these times, what kind of a response makes me feel most contented?

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