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  1. pat :

    Already at day 3 the Sacred Heart’s response has brought my son back to the Church and he intends to go to Mass today – this prayer is so efficacious – thanks be to God for His continuing love for us despite our weakness for He gives us the courage to break the bonds which bind us.


  2. From the USA :

    I have been praying to The Sacred Heart of Jesus and my prayers were answered. I will continue to pray for my family and for the love of God and Jesus as well as for anyone who needs my help in prayers. God Bless and your prayers will be answered.


  3. From Ireland :

    Thank you for this beautiful website, Sacred Space, were I can come and sit in peace and quiet to pray your Sacred Heart Novena and reflect on the word of God. I have just finished my third day of the novena and already I have my request granted. I praise and honour Our Heavenly Father, his Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, his mother, Mary and all the angels and saints for helping me at this time. Jesus I Trust in you. Amen.


  4. From Australia :

    I came across sacred space at a time when I was really down and troubled with life. It gave me strength through daily prayer and especially through knowing that there are always people praying with me. Then life got busy and I forgot about sacred space for a while. The last few weeks have been very challenging to me and I have never felt as lonely or lost as I do now. I decided to visit sacred space again to say the daily prayer and came across the Sacred Heart Novena. I’m now in my sixth day, can’t say it had cheered me up, it hasn’t, but the prayers really spoke to me each day and I have just enough hope…that maybe things will get better. Thank you for making this prayer available.


  5. From Ireland :

    I’m using my mobile to access the novena, a new experience but a very rich one. The intentions page, personalised with my name, reminds me that God is intimately involved with my concerns. When I look at my mobile, carried around with me all day or at my bedside table at night, I am just a few clicks away from that loving reassurance. It is as if the mobile itself has become an icon of God’s love and care, a wonderful additional dimension to the beauty of the prayer itself. Thank you for making the novena available in this form – what a blessing.


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