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Moderation of prayers in the Chapel of Intentions

Adding a prayer to the Chapel of Intentions is one way of participating in the Sacred Space community of prayer.

Only a selection of prayers is published. Some prayers will be posted online, but none that are marked ‘Not for publication’ will appear on the website. All prayers will be included in the Prayer List that is printed out weekly and sent to our praying communities.

When writing a prayer please observe the following guidelines. Failure to do so may lead to the blocking of future attempts to submit requests.

  • Please do not publish multiple copies of a prayer.
  • Please do not use names of people in prayers. Instead you may refer to phrases like ‘my friend’, ‘a neighbour’. Prayers containing names of people will be rejected. This is important to respect the privacy of others. Instead of writing ‘Pray for John Ryan who is sick in Saint Michael’s Hospital’ you should write, ‘Pray for my friend, J., who is sick in hospital.’
  • Offer only your initials or first name. Please do not use your full name.
  • When you wish to add several prayers, it is better to use one form and make one submission.
  • Please avoid using spaces between lines in prayers.
  • For now, only prayers in English will be published in the Chapel of Intentions. Prayers in other languages will be deleted to prevent misuse of this facility.

To enable the better administration of the Chapel of Intentions for those who wish to use it, prayers that ignore the above guidelines may be deleted immediately and the address submitting them may be consequently blocked. A message will indicate the reason for the rejection of a message.


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