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No. 33 December, 2012

Greetings to all our friends in the Sacred Space Community!

candleMay this Christmas time be joyous for us all, for ‘unto us a Child is born!’

‘No candles! Nobody comes to Sacred Space using candles!’ So said the graphics advisor as this Newsletter was being prepared. Since I am a dedicated candle user myself, I disagreed with him. But his comment got me thinking as to what images might best draw a new generation to Sacred Space today.
So here we have the traditional candle, symbol of Christ as the Light of our world, but we are exploring alternative images for those who are more at home in the virtual worlds of chat rooms, forums and online communications.
As Christmas approaches we look at the ways we are encouraged to remember, renew and relive the birth of Christ in our lives. Sacred Space provides daily pointers for right relationship with God, with others and with our precious creation.
Christmas on Sacred Space may not be about candles. It may not be about shrines and traditional iconography, but it is most certainly about community which is God’s dream for humankind. When two or three are gathered in Jesus’ name, whether physically or online, the Light of the world is present. We give thanks for this community!

May the Blessings of Christmas and the New Year be given to you by a gracious God!

Brian Grogan SJ, Director of Sacred Space

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Advent Retreat: What does God wish for me this Christmas

Advent RetreatOur annual online retreat aims to help you to notice what’s going on between yourself and God and how you might move forward, even a little, in your hope and commitment. You are being given a special invitation by God to meet him. You meet God in the deepest dimensions of your heart, where you are your truest and best self. The retreat will bring you the gift of a silent heart and you will be able to hear God’s whisper, and to catch on to what God wishes for you this Christmastide. Click here to enter the Advent Retreat.

An Ideal Christmas Gift! The 2013 Sacred Space Book

Sacred Space BookWith over 250,000 copies in print, Sacred Space is a trusted and loved resource for daily meditation in the rich tradition of Ignatian spirituality. It is a great prayer companion for the entire year. Available through, and

A word of thanks

Donate buttonThe Sacred Space team wishes to thank all of you who to date have kindly responded to our appeal - "Support Sacred Space". Our vision is to serve the international community, and so we continue to ask you at this time to enable us to do that. The cost of running Sacred Space this year will be about $500,000USD (€390,000) in real terms. This covers writing, editing, translating, upgrading and developing the site so that it can become a truly global phenomenon. We can do this only with your help. We are delighted to report a hugely successful Thanksgiving campaign and we only ask that you continue with your support. Our target although on the surface appears high equates to each of our visitors giving as little as 5 to 10 dollars or Euros a month.

Book Reviews

A World of Prayer: Author Rosalind Bradley

A World of PrayerThe inspiration for this book is beautifully summed up in this quotation from Hazrat Khan:

Your Light is in all forms/Your Love in all beings.
Allow us to recognise You/in all Your holy names and forms.

Author Rosalind Bradley is a member of an international interfaith initiative, “Companions in Dialogue”. Read More

When You Pray: Author Finbarr Lynch, SJ

When You PrayThe background to When You Pray is briefly explained by the author: “This book had its beginnings in a series of ten-minute talks on prayer to assist retreatants at Manresa Retreat House, Dollymount, Dublin 3”. Even when addressed in printed form to a wider audience (along with some additional material) these talks/chapters presume people who want to pray and who have had some experience of trying to pray. Lynch aims to meet their needs through a mixture of encouragement, motivation and teaching. This is based mostly on the wisdom contained in the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius Loyola. Read More

Prayer Support

Prayer SupportDid you know that Sacred Space has prayer teams of contemplative sisters in Ireland and overseas praying for your special intentions each week? Why not visit our chapels and post a prayer? And perhaps this Christmas make it your ministry to pray for these intentions. ‘More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.’

Chapel of Intentions

We invite you to our Chapel of Intentions, where you can place your special prayer request. All prayers are prayed for each week by the Team and by international congregations of contemplative sisters who support us in this vital prayer ministry. The Sacred Space community also prays for your intention. Post your prayer

Chapel of Remembrance

We invite you to our Chapel of Remembrance, where you can pray for your departed loved ones. When we pray for the dead, our appreciation of their lives grows and we can be moved to thanksgiving for them, even as we grieve their loss.

Spread the Word about Sacred Space!

What can you do to spread the word about Sacred Space?

Check the websites of your local diocese, parish, or other similar organisation. Do they have a link to Sacred Space? If not, why not recommend a link?

Do your friends have homepages? Ask them to include a link to Sacred Space. We are delighted to report that we had over 1000 referrals from our new Facebook page and an increase of over 5000 more visits in just one week to the site last month! So thank you for your help!



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