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November 2013 | No 36
ISSN 2009-2008
Advent Retreat

Sacred Space and Pray-as-you-go invite you to take some time in the coming weeks to make an Advent Retreat. The theme of the retreat is 'The God who is to come’.

The retreat is organised into four sessions. You can complete them in a short time or spread them out over the four weeks of Advent.

Each stage of the retreat is accompanied by music to help you to engage as fully as you can in this time of reflection and preparation.

Just go gently, at your own pace. There are advantages in going slowly - God is not in a hurry! And of course some things will attract you which you find yourself pondering beyond your prayer time.

Thanks to the wonderful people who make Sacred Space available in many languages, you can also share the retreat with your friends in other countries. Catalan, Dutch, French, Hungarian and Spanish are already available - with more to follow!

The text of the Advent retreat can downloaded here and you can find a list of the music used here.

Advent Retreat


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