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The Kenyan Way of the Cross


It is customary to finish The Way of the Cross with a prayer for the church.
Pray for the Pope’s intentions

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  1. From England :

    How wonderful, such a joy to see and read.


  2. From Scotland :

    Beautiful and emotional – thank you!


  3. Caroline :

    I had never done The Way of The Cross, even though I call myself a Catholic. It has really moved me, I believe that everything that is happening is very challenging and nothing is certain anymore. Everyday is a leap of Faith because you just do not know what today will bring. But one thing is sure, God definitely exists, I see Him in people I meet everyday. There is so much suffering and I feel the pain of others, I can see it etched on their faces & their body language. I know what it is like to be depressed and anxious, I have suffered since my early teens. I am everyday spending time doing good deeds, I believe if we all did this in our lives, there would be so much healing in the world.


  4. From the USA :

    Since we do not have actual stations in our church we sat in a group and took turns reading the opening passage, and the whole group read the prayer. It was a powerful and moving experience for all. Thank you for posting it.


  5. Sepe :

    God works in mysterious ways. I found this link on a Finnish discussion board, and after suffering a loss this prayer was just what I needed.


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