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The Kenyan Way of the Cross


It is customary to finish The Way of the Cross with a prayer for the church.
Pray for the Pope’s intentions

23 Responses to “The Kenyan Way of the Cross”

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  1. An Irish message :

    I hope this continues to be available to churches and other Christian organizations after Easter. It has been so encouraging to read of the environmental angle this way and to see the Church being relevant. I have mentioned the site to others who have also been impressed and grateful because it is about now, not just history.


  2. From Tennessee :

    Thank you Sacred Space and Trocaire for this deeply moving and relevant Way of the Cross. I would wish to use these for days of reflection, etc. Blessings on your work.


  3. From Canada :

    What a powerful experience of prayer! It helped me to reflect on my own life and how I can increase my concern for others and the world – that I truly can make a difference and connect with the suffering of the world. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if teachers shared this with young people?


  4. A message from the Philippines :

    I realize that I am self-absorbed. With these stations, I promise to do better. I come from a poor country, and forests and marine ecosystems are being destroyed just to get easy money. Sometimes it’s not even the very poor who do this, it’s those with means who are greedy and uncaring. I often wonder why life still is so difficult and there is evil more than ever. I struggle with this a lot, and just trust that God knows best and ultimately, good will prevail, even if I may not be around anymore.


  5. A visitor from Australia :

    The Kenyan Way of the Cross has made me realise how spolt and pampered my lifestyle is at the cost of others. It is very easy to turn away when something unpleasant appears on the TV regarding our African brothers and sisters. Please God, speak directly into my heart when I want to turn away from the troubles of others.


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