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The Kenyan Way of the Cross


It is customary to finish The Way of the Cross with a prayer for the church.
Pray for the Pope’s intentions

23 Responses to “The Kenyan Way of the Cross”

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  1. An English note :

    Beautiful pictures, and meaningful words express this ‘via Crucis’ for our times and to Journey with Jesus . Heartfelt thanks to those who placed it here …


  2. From Canada :

    The way of the Cross was so touching and made me realize how people suffer in other parts of the world. I just want to say thank you for such lovely reading.


  3. A message from Illinois :

    Thank you for this opportunity to meditate on Our Lord. The Kenyan Stations touched my heart. They spoke of the injustice that continues in the world, an injustice that the Bible continuously demands we right. The mixture of the traditional and modern clothing shows us that Jesus is beyond past, present and future
    but rather is constantly the now. We are emphatically reminded that we here in 2009 are also his followers, that we accompany him to Calvary, that he both dies for us and rises for us. We are Resurrection people.


  4. A message from New York :

    I have done the stations of the cross over the years since childhood, in many different churches. One done in an outdoor garden at a retreat house was very beautiful. However this is the first time the words and pictures accompanying the stations have brought me to tears. After a bit I just let them roll down my cheeks as the meaning of each station then and now reached me. Thank you for this.


  5. Thanks from Canada :

    What a magnificent work put together in this sacred space. I loved to see Jesus in a black skin other than the usual one, makes me remember that God doesn’t have any skin colour, we all are the same and Jesus can be any person or could be from any nation too.


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