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footer plugin (SSM 2007 10.12)

The footer plugin is used to control the links that are included at the bottom of every page of Sacred Space. The plugin can create/edit links and change the order of the links. footer links:
Each link has four fields that should be filled in.
Title: The active text that the links to another page or resource
URL: The address of the page or resource you want to link to. This should be the absolute path (
Target: Two options are available. Blank will open the page in a new window or tab and self will open the page in the current window or tab.

sort links:
Drag and drop the links into the order you want. Click save to save the new order of the links.

Usage on Sacred Space:
Only the links that are marked as complete in the footer links will appear at the bottom of every Sacred Space page for the given language. The plugin can be disabled by going to settings and selecting the OFF option beside the footer plugin.

Note: A flash tutorial is available in the help section of the SSM

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