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The political and economic implications of the global financial crisis are widely commented on. Paul Andrews SJ wonders how the financial crisis might influence prayer?

Lord, all this financial turmoil seems to touch my prayer in two ways. Sometimes I feel moral indignation at the greed of the fat cats whose desire for ever-greater profits has exploited the weak. I hope that they may move from blindness to a sense of the real world of people, and realise the futility of their greed that wants more and more money. "What does it profit to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of your soul?" (Mark 8:36) But I know that such indignation is not always from the good spirit; it may be mixed with Schadenfreude in which there is little charity. I need to watch it. At other times I feel fear and insecurity for myself and my loved ones. This pushes me to look at myself.

Does insecurity make me more self-seeking and less caring about the needs of others, lessening my humanity, clouding my sense that people matter more than money? Or does this worldwide turmoil strengthen my compassion? Poverty is not good in itself, but where it leads to a deeper dependence on God and coexists with generosity it can be a rare grace – remember Jesus marvelling at the widow’s mite (Mark 12:41-43).

‘Trop est avare à qui Dieu ne suffit.’
You’re too greedy if God is not enough for you.

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  1. From the USA :

    I discovered this website by accident approximately seven years ago. Since then, whether at work (I always arrived early at work to prepare for the day) or at home, I get my cup of coffee, go to the website, and start my day with Sacred Space. I can think of no better way to start my day, and especially “tweak” my awareness in preparation for any challenges the day may have in store for me. When I was still working at a previous position that brought more than its fair share of challenges, it got to where a group of us came in early and logged on to start our day in prayer together. Beauty in the midst of chaos.


  2. From India :

    This is really encouraging. I have been sweating day and night due to the financial problem, but that peace and calm prevailed upon me when I sought my Saviour Jesus Christ. During my severe trials, He only helps me, nobody else. Thanks my Lord my God. Nobody can give this much peace, rejoice. May God bless you and pray for me too


  3. From Canada :

    Thank you very much for sacred space it is truly a wonderful site.Truly wonderful wisdom from Christians & God Bless you all. I heard about the site from my sister.


  4. A now frequest visitor from South Carolina :

    What an encouragement to find this here this morning. We are having a remarkably bad month for our ministry. Very few are remembering ministries and missions in giving right now. That breaks my heart primarily because of the faith factor in peoples lives but also how it is affecting the people the missions/ministries are trying to reach ( not to mention the stress on the ministers and missionaries!) A dear friend sent me this link to your site, and it has blessed me so much already. I plan on making it a part of my daily routine. Bless y’all from the Southern usa


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