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The political and economic implications of the global financial crisis are widely commented on. Paul Andrews SJ wonders how the financial crisis might influence prayer?

Lord, all this financial turmoil seems to touch my prayer in two ways. Sometimes I feel moral indignation at the greed of the fat cats whose desire for ever-greater profits has exploited the weak. I hope that they may move from blindness to a sense of the real world of people, and realise the futility of their greed that wants more and more money. "What does it profit to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of your soul?" (Mark 8:36) But I know that such indignation is not always from the good spirit; it may be mixed with Schadenfreude in which there is little charity. I need to watch it. At other times I feel fear and insecurity for myself and my loved ones. This pushes me to look at myself.

Does insecurity make me more self-seeking and less caring about the needs of others, lessening my humanity, clouding my sense that people matter more than money? Or does this worldwide turmoil strengthen my compassion? Poverty is not good in itself, but where it leads to a deeper dependence on God and coexists with generosity it can be a rare grace – remember Jesus marvelling at the widow’s mite (Mark 12:41-43).

‘Trop est avare à qui Dieu ne suffit.’
You’re too greedy if God is not enough for you.

174 Responses to “Prayer in a time of financial crisis”

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  1. pam :

    Early this year I was diagnosed with a long term illness which is not life threatening in any way, and will eventually get better, but it leaves me with very weak and sore muscles. At the same time, as senior citizens, most of our income has been from interest on savings, now virtually nothing. So I have had to do a lot of re-assessing as to how to use my time, my much diminished energy, our reduced income. What is the most Christ-like way? What are the real necessities in life?
    Well, I have made some mistakes:firstly by reducing my outward giving (to Cafod), then being too proud to ask for help sometimes.But what is gradually emerging is a new joy in little things, a neighbour making a cake for us, the bus coming on time, young fox cubs playing in our garden ( sorry if you have chickens), just a day with more energy, and the grace there is in receiving as well as in giving. I wonder how much our Lord had to eat and drink, and about the times when he had nowhere to lay his head, and feel that in comparison with so much of the world I am rich! I read this site and feel for all the despair and agony behind some of the prayers!


  2. Warren :

    It’s encouraging to see that I am not alone on this journey. That I have so many sisters and brothers in Christ who are struggling with same issues I am in these difficult times; employment, money and relationships; yet praying daily that God will make a way for us and others. I pray that we can all continue to put our faith forward, be thankful for the blessings we have and pray that God will “give us today our daily bread”. Peace.


  3. Angel :

    since i am a single mom, i am so blessed becoz i know he is always there for us…financially so hard now a days bt still he still there to provide, i can feel that he will do the rest for me….and he always inlighten me what to do…praise u Jesus christ ..i love u so much Lord…u know how i need u much…
    Lord thanks a lot for always be there…..i thank u Lord…thanks for guiding my kids as well….
    am hoping and wishing that my business , gets more customers by ur help…please Lord thanks a lot…i love u so.


  4. Ed :

    I am touched by all of these words and the suffering and the hope expressed here. One person talked about walking on a tightrope with God. Indeed that is “the straight and narrow” most severely but God’s mercy is wide and the width of a narrow rope is a sufficient highway I pray.


  5. s.e. :

    This financial crisis has made me more aware of the needs of others especially the need to pray for others. Its made suffering so much more outside myself, so much more universal. It seems God has a path for me that is not an easy one and now to see so many others sharing that road with me is bittersweet. It doesn’t really make my pain less but it saddens me that life can be so hard for some of us. My life has been filled with many difficult circumstances for many years: health both of me and my husband, financial, family estangement, etc. There are times when i think that I must be bringing it upon myself and yes I think there are circumstances that I could have avoided if I was wiser but then I reflect and really see that sometimes we are handed heavy crosses that is just a part of life.


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