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The political and economic implications of the global financial crisis are widely commented on. Paul Andrews SJ wonders how the financial crisis might influence prayer?

Lord, all this financial turmoil seems to touch my prayer in two ways. Sometimes I feel moral indignation at the greed of the fat cats whose desire for ever-greater profits has exploited the weak. I hope that they may move from blindness to a sense of the real world of people, and realise the futility of their greed that wants more and more money. "What does it profit to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of your soul?" (Mark 8:36) But I know that such indignation is not always from the good spirit; it may be mixed with Schadenfreude in which there is little charity. I need to watch it. At other times I feel fear and insecurity for myself and my loved ones. This pushes me to look at myself.

Does insecurity make me more self-seeking and less caring about the needs of others, lessening my humanity, clouding my sense that people matter more than money? Or does this worldwide turmoil strengthen my compassion? Poverty is not good in itself, but where it leads to a deeper dependence on God and coexists with generosity it can be a rare grace – remember Jesus marvelling at the widow’s mite (Mark 12:41-43).

‘Trop est avare à qui Dieu ne suffit.’
You’re too greedy if God is not enough for you.

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  1. From the USA :

    Thank you for your devotion to Our Lord. The love of Jesus shines through this Sacred Space.


  2. Paul :

    We all need to change our priorities; only by doing this can real change come about. Globalisation has only been for the benefit of the very rich and feeds that greed. Our heroes should be those who seek to work hard and accept the interdependence of us all on this planet to provide at least the basic needs of food, clothes and shelter for all humanity. Our church leadership needs to reflect closely on the message it gives out so that it does not mirror that of rich secular Institutions.
    Sunday should become a day of rest and reflection on where we are and where we are going and a day of pray and thanksgiving.


  3. Ann :

    We have lost too much of our savings! I have been retired for years now – I wanted to take care of me aging parents. My husband wants to retire but he cannot – I need another job but jobs are for the young and it is very hard to find something.
    I pray and pray. It is difficult not to feel abandoned. Pray for us.


  4. Mary :

    I put this page on my desktop so that I would have someplace to go and sit with God when I used the computer. This site is like the Psalms – a place of learning, yet is gentle, peaceful and comforting. This morning I awoke with the urging of going to this site. I have hit a financial hardship wall; there appears to be no way out. How very loving God is – your topic for today says it all! I walked the financial tightrope for many years. In the beginning the fear was so great I could barely function – it was difficult to to hold onto that small strand of Faith that never seems to break – always kept me focused on God. As years have gone by that Faith has grown stronger and I have learned that even in the worse circumstances God is ever present. The tightrope is now a road that I walk with God – the strand of Faith is His hand – as He holds my hand- I know He is greater than all my fears, greater than all that I lack – and “even this shall pass”.


  5. Vicki :

    Thank you all for sharing your wonderful words of faith. My family, too, is facing severe financial difficulties, as well as some family estrangement. I know that God provides all that we need — that we need to keep our eyes on Him. I praise him even more in times of difficulty than I do at less stressful times. I ask God for his wisom and the Holy Spirit each and every day and pray about my circumstances, but even more for those who have greater concerns than mine. I know that God will find a way to provide the right path and ease the burdens of his children. I pray each day that he leads me to walk down the right path and to be in his will for what he has already planned for me. I know that God, alone, has the solution to my situation and for all those who know and accept Him as their creator. God bless each and every one of you. Remember to be still and know that he is God. He has the best plan worked out for each and every one of us. He can work out greater solutions to our concerns than we can even imagine. I thank God each and every day for the blessings He has bestowed already on me. If he never does anything else for me, he ha


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