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The political and economic implications of the global financial crisis are widely commented on. Paul Andrews SJ wonders how the financial crisis might influence prayer?

Lord, all this financial turmoil seems to touch my prayer in two ways. Sometimes I feel moral indignation at the greed of the fat cats whose desire for ever-greater profits has exploited the weak. I hope that they may move from blindness to a sense of the real world of people, and realise the futility of their greed that wants more and more money. "What does it profit to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of your soul?" (Mark 8:36) But I know that such indignation is not always from the good spirit; it may be mixed with Schadenfreude in which there is little charity. I need to watch it. At other times I feel fear and insecurity for myself and my loved ones. This pushes me to look at myself.

Does insecurity make me more self-seeking and less caring about the needs of others, lessening my humanity, clouding my sense that people matter more than money? Or does this worldwide turmoil strengthen my compassion? Poverty is not good in itself, but where it leads to a deeper dependence on God and coexists with generosity it can be a rare grace – remember Jesus marvelling at the widow’s mite (Mark 12:41-43).

‘Trop est avare à qui Dieu ne suffit.’
You’re too greedy if God is not enough for you.

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  1. Australia :

    Thank you for including a brief meditation on the current financial crises. It’s good to see Sacred Space interacting with what’s going on in the world. Keep up the transformative ministry!


  2. Ohio :

    Thank you for addressing greed this week. However, I think that most of the people who come to your space are not the people who got us in to this mess. In other words, your preaching to the choir. I think what we are all looking for is HOPE that the world will not come crashing down, that the Lord will get us through this. Personally speaking in our family we fear for the future because what we’ve put away for retirement has been slashed in half. I guess we’re wondering who will take care of us in our golden years. What will the world be like if we stay this course of spend spend spend? What’s the lesson here for the middle & lower class who carry the economy? I guess I get confused by the “Your greedy if God is not enough for you”. I wish you could explain that quote a little more because my catholic grade school & high school guilt kicks in. Seriously, is it greedy to make a good living and save for your future? Or is greed about power?


  3. An Irish reader :

    Thank you for the Prayer you added for us during this time of financial turmoil and crisis.


  4. A USA (CA) reader :

    How bracing to hear the words of this week’s “Something to think about”! Bland wording just does not reach or inspire me; neither does simplified, dumbed-down writing. So glad to have the mental, emotional, and spiritual stimulation of the current
    “Something” column. What better to be passionate about than God?


  5. A visitor from California :

    I want to thank you for Sacred Space. I have increased my understanding of Scripture. I look forward each week to the beginning paragraphs. I just love this week’s on the financial mess. Yes, God is certainly enough. I wish people could get that through their heads. I get so much depth and peace from your site. Thank you so much for your commentaries.


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