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  1. I pray with Sacred Space since I learned about the site through a book, Finding Sanctuary by Christopher Jameson. Many other sites mentioned in the book were no longer running, so it had to be this one. It’s now been a few years and I’ve enjoyed it from the beginning. I’ve recently discovered the guide and inspiration links, too. I particularly like that the prayer has no pictures, just letters, and is very concise. I don’t need the music but it’s a nice touch. All in all, Sacred Space has been very helpful, more so during the pandemic, with all the churches closed in my city. I just want to say thank you.


  2. May The Lord Bless each and every person doing the wonderful work of providing the Sacred Space message to us every day.

    With love from

    Paul Ferreira


  3. We appreciate the recommendations, Martin. Unfortunately, as of December 23 2020 became unavailable due to change and updates in recent versions of the Android operating system, and the app had to be pulled till we can fix it. We are busy with the process of rebuilding all of Sacred Space, as the website and apps are getting old. We are a team of volunteers and part-time workers who are doing our best to maintain the site and apps. Please bear with us. In the meantime we recommend using the web version of Sacred Space on Android devices


  4. I am a licensed professional counselor who regularly recommends three apps to my clients: Sacred Space, the 3 Minute Retreat, and Centering Prayer. Today, 01-04-2021, my client in the State of Texas was unable to download Sacred Space from the Google App Store. Please fix this problem. Thank you for the tremendous gift of Sacred Space. Martin


  5. Dear Fathers and Brothers:

    I have enjoyed Sacred Space for some years now, at first just off and on and most recently on a daily basis as I navigate through a rather difficult personal time. I so often encounter in this prayer form things that deeply touch me. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!!


  6. Your Advent retreat this year was the best I have ever gone through. The themes, content, music and narration were comforting, original and strengthening to my faith.

    I hope you will leave the link to this rich experience up well beyond Advent.

    Thank you.


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