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  1. Thanks be to our father in heaven, the son, our Lord Jesus Christ and the holy spirit for all the showering of love and blessings given to our family, despite our weakness, frailty and sinful behaviour on this great feast of the holy family.
    Thanks for the society of Jesus and for all them, living and dead, who guide us on our way.
    Help all those who care for us at the time of our pandemic and who sacrifice so much for our sake. Amen


  2. Is technologie niet geweldig? Het jaarlijkse gebedenboek van SacredSpace is beschikbaar als e-boek als dat interessant is. De dagelijkse gebeden blijven een week, maar er is nog geen toegankelijk archief.


  3. Dank voor uw dagelijkse gebed. Ik volg het al zeker tien jaar. De meest inspirerende gebeden sla ik op op mijn iPad, om te herlezen als ik op reis ben in gebieden met moeilijke internetdekking. Is er een archief? Ik lees meestal de Duitse of de Portugese versie.


  4. Solid, healthy, insightful and spiritually mature.
    Thank you so much for your web site and the many ways you lead people into a closer relationship with God.
    May the Lord make your work prosper now and for years to come!


  5. Today, as often, the structure you provide is helpful. Thank you.

    A different kind of Serenity Prayer came to me. “Grant me the courage and skill to do the inner work of healing my wounds when I can. Grant me the clarity to see when I’ve reached my limits. Grant me the trust to turn to you and ask for help at those moments.”


  6. Thank you for the meditations I found on Sacred Space.
    It is like a respite in the tempest of our collective and personal situation, amid a pandemic and political crises. I feel we are on the boat. Crying out to Jesus to save us. And he will.


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