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  1. I felt I just had to write today. I’ve been praying with Sacred Space since it was available only on line. Many, many times when I read the gospel I get confused with the wording. However when I start the “conversation”, that’s where I find clarity and consolation. My son was killed in a car crash many years ago (Sacred Space helped me there) but todays conversation really touched me because it spoke about when we share our personality and gifts that others are healed. I have been helping other bereaved parents in support group settings for many years and now doing Zoom meetings. I always pray to the Holy Spirit before the meeting and never thought about the divinity of my human nature. Thank you for all you do.


  2. Thank you for this daily facility to hear the Word of God.


  3. I have been reading/praying/listening Sacred Space for a long time. Not sure how long. I’m not with you all the time, but knowing you are there is a huge comfort to me. Please never stop.


  4. I have faithfully read your daily scriptute along with the meditation for many years. It seems to me that as of lately, the meditation/inspiration has become very academic and less motivational/inspirational. It kind of reminds me more of one of my Theology class and less of something that touches my heart and soul and brings me to really look into my heart. I really miss the old approach/style. Thank you for your great contribution in keeping and our faith alive,


  5. I found my way to Sacred Space through my grieving process. Initially, I obtained the Prayer Book 2020, also Finding God in the Mess. As a key worker in education, when I was returning to work, I felt the need to access the Sacred Space online. The tune that accompanies the prayer text feels so calming. Sometimes I wait before I access Living Space, just to remain in that serene place. I always read the inspiration points. I reflect on the questions. I welcome the gentle and encouraging style of communication, which enables me to make sense of the Word of the Lord. In my profession, I welcome the psychoanalytical thinking when making sense of emotional challenges. I feel the Living Space enables me to tune in to the original script whilst relating it to today’s circumstances. I noted the absence of Living Space on a certain day, when it was about the issue of death. I felt and thought how true. There is no vocabulary that can acknowledge the pain of loss adequately. That particular silence can only be felt. Thank you for your efforts that radiate peace, calm and hope. I cannot not access Sacred Space on a daily basis. With deep gratitude.


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