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  1. I was brought into the church later in life by a Jesuit priest over 30 years ago. He was like a father to me for I lost my own at the age of 6.
    I have found Sacred Space very special and pray daily with others who use it too. I appreciate it especially in these troubled times with its daily invitations to talk to Jesus. Thank you all for being there for us as I try to become more concerned for them and less focussed on my own concerns.


  2. The reflections on the gospels and daily readings provided by Sacred Space’s web site, are thought provoking in that they dig deep into our hearts, emphasising the message Our Lord would have us hear. We are led to listen to His call, put aside our wayward ways and let Thy Will be done Lord.
    Thank you. Gratitude abounds!


  3. Thank you so much for sacred space especially during this time of world-wide pandemic when we are unable to meet in Church in the usual way & share in the sacraments. The site is always life giving and thought provoking. I hope that this resource will continue for future generations to enjoy and participate.

    Bless you all who contribute in this wonderful work.


  4. I am very grateful for having discovered the transforming treasures in your website. I am empowered to share my beautiful experience of praying online through this sacred space. I commit this become a digital disciple using the resources I have explored…You are a great blessing to me on the feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord. Continue to be a blessing and be blessed abundantly and joyfully.


  5. I’ve been praying the Jesuit morning offering prayer all my life (91 yrs)- and look forwsrd to Sacred Space.. Thanks for being here for us.


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