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Chapel of Remembrance

A prayer in bereavement

Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen.
Luke 24:5

Help me, Lord, to seek the signs of your presence where ever there is life, hope and promise. You are the light that shows us the way, sending us your Spirit to lead and guide. As I remember my departed, thinking of , I realise again how your goodness and blessings have been found in our world.

Bless me, Lord, when my sense of loss blocks out the light that I know you want me to see, the light that you are. I need your help, Lord, your inspiring presence, to show me how you have been near me in the past, to trust that you are near me now.

Lighten my heart with hope and joy as I pray for my loved ones now. You have called those who have died to new life. Lift me up, too, in my moments of sadness or regret and remind me to trust in your word.

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Chapel of Remembrance
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