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How does the Chapel of Remembrance work?
If you enter information in the text boxes using the 'Edit my Prayer List' option, the names that you record are presented in the prayers made available.
How is this done?
The information you enter is recorded on your computer using 'cookies'. Cookies are small files the browser uses to record activity. We use them on the Chapel of Remembrance pages to keep the names that are inserted into the pages. No information is sent to Sacred Space in this process.
Will everybody use my list on this computer?
If you use separate usernames and passwords to log on to the computer, each person can keep a separate list that is individual to each user identity. Several people can keep separate lists on one computer.
Note also that each browser keeps its own set of cookies.
Can I change the list?
You can return to edit your prayer list at any time by using the opening page, choosing the link at the bottom of each prayer page ( Edit my Prayer List ) or by clicking on the pen icon. Edit my Prayer List
What if I want to delete my list?
Choose 'Delete' for each entry. The prayers can be used without completing your list.
My computer doesn't seem to show anything, even when I press 'Add'
You may need to allow your browser to use cookies. See this Google page for instructions on how to allow your computer to use cookies.
Can I send a list to Sacred Space?
We are unable to undertake to receive the thousands of names that may be offered. Issues of security and accuracy of information, in addition to the technical aspects of the previous Chapel of Remembrance pages, have meant that it has not been possible to continue to offer that method.
My question is not answered here.
You are welcome to send a message to Sacred Space with your enquiry or comment.
You can also listen to an interview about the Chapel of Remembrance.
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