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Chapel of Remembrance


The Chapel of Remembrance has been a feature of Sacred Space since November 2003. While the month of November is a traditional time to remember and pray for the dead, we invite you to use this Chapel at any time to recall and pray for your departed . When we pray for the dead our appreciation of their lives grows and we can be moved to thanksgiving - even as we grieve.

This Chapel invites you to choose a few names of those who have died and to allow this computer to keep a note of them as you use these pages. When you come here to pray, the names of your departed will form part of the prayers you use in this Chapel of Remembrance.

Please remember, too, to pray for the others who use Sacred Space, perhaps remembering the recently bereaved as well as those who have died.

A Special Mass will be offered each month for the departed named in the Chapel.

You are welcome to donate for the maintenance of the Chapel.

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Chapel of Remembrance
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