Daily prayer online

Touch screens and prayer guides

Some users have told us that the Prayer guides do not work on tabet and touch screen devices such as the iPad. While there is no evident scroll bar, you can easily navigate down the prayer guide page by using a two finger scroll. Just tap the Prayer guide text once and then use two fingers to scroll the text as you wish.

If the texts cannot be accessed that way on your device, please let us know. We will continue to work to address this and any other issues that are reported.

Is there an App?

There is currently no App for Sacred Space. If you are interested in seeing a Sacred Space application, please tell us more about the platform and functions that you would like to see provided.

Internet Explorer 7 and the daily prayer

There seems to be a problem with the Daily prayer and IE7. While we work to address this issue we can only suggest that you use another browser. You may find our page about  Google Chrome helpful.

Where is the ‘Glory be’?

Sacred Space sometimes finishes with the prayer, ‘Glory be to the Father…’ Alternative conclusions may sometimes be offered. We like to imagine that the site offers a series of prompts or suggestions that help the user to attune to the word of God. It is not intended to be a presciptive or rigid sequence. Long-time users of the site tell us that how they adapt and use the texts.

Just as many people like to begin and end their prayer time with the sign of the cross, the ‘Glory be’ is a suitable conclusion to any prayertime. We hope that you always feel welcome to add your own devotions to what you find at Sacred Space.

Are there archives of Living Space?

Living Space is a comprehensive series of commentaries on the daily scripture readings. We have created an archive for evaluation by users of the site and are happy to receive comments and suggestions.

  • Please bear in mind that we offer the archive for convenience only and do not intend it to be definitive or exhaustive.
  • Our priority is to make the current readings available – that is the list of readings listed in the calendar on the right of Living Space pages.
  • If you think you will want to return to a text, please bookmark it.
  • Pages not on the current schedule may not be available until the weeks prior to their next due dates.
  • Because of the variety of local calendars and the discretion of those who arrange liturgies, the readings listed in our calendar will not always correspond with local arrangements.

Can I print the Daily prayer?

If you need to print the daily prayer occasionally, we suggest that you visit a stage of the prayer you want to print and press Ctrl/Cmd-P or use the print option on your browser. The result is a page that is formatted for printing and includes these elements:

  • the prayer stages
  • scripture
  • inspiration points.

A print version of the prayer guides will be available in due course.

If you find that you regularly want to print the prayer, you will be glad to hear that there is a Sacred Space book available too with annual and
seasonal editions for Advent and Lent. More information about the book

How can I use Google’s Chrome browser with Sacred Space?

Daily users of Sacred Space may find Google’s Chrome browser to be helpful:

  • Download Google Chrome at
  • When Chrome is installed, use it to go to
    • This page shows you the calendar for the current week
  • Choose ‘Control the current page’ button from the menu bar
  • Choose ‘Create application shortcuts’
  • Select where you would like to place a shortcut
  • When you click on the shortcut you create, you can press F11 to use the fullscreen option
  • If you use the Beta version, you can create your own selection using the ‘Settings’ option. These will be remembered and used by your Chrome configuration the next time you use the shortcut.
  • See a summary of this solution on YouTube



Will there be other translations of Sacred Space?

Sacred Space is available in many languages. You will find a list of these at the top of our home page,  


Catalan  –   Chinese  –  Croatian  –   Czech  –   English  –   French  –   German  –   Hungarian  –   Indonesian  –   Irish  –   Italian  –   Japanese  –   Korean  –   Latvian  –   Lithuanian  –   Polish    Portuguese  –   Romanian  –   Russian  –   Slovenian  –   Spanish  –   Swedish   


 We are happy to encourage new translations.

New translations will be given access to our system where they can work online to make texts available. We are currently working on our system and hope to be able to renew the introduction of new versions later in 2009.

If you would like to suggest a langauge or offer to help when one becomes available, please contact us.

Making Sacred Space your homepage

We are glad that you want Sacred Space to be your homepage. We hope that being part of an online daily prayer community helps you to pray.

Your browser may already have added as your homepage. Should it not have done so, try the following

  • Click Tools (or Edit)
  • Select Options (or Preferences)
  • Write in the URL box

Removing Sacred Space as your homepage

Should you no longer wish for Sacred Space to be your homepage, you can change that setting easily.

  • Go to tools >
  • Go to ‘Options’ or ‘Internet Options’ >
  • on the section that says ‘Homepage’ delete >
  • click @OK’ or ‘Apply’

Because browsers and individual computers differ, a search online for a solution may be the best option.

Sacred Space shows the wrong dates or seems stuck

An old version of Sacred Space in your computer’s cache may cause the problem. To help Sacred Space to display correctly, it may be necessary to clear the cache on your computer.

Clearing the cache on your computer means flushing out the temporary files that your browsers has accumulated over time. Sometimes these are useful, but sometimes they cause conflicts between old and newer pages. Your computer may access the cache because it is quicker.

Clicking the Refresh button on your browser (or pressing F5) usually helps. A more comprehensive solution is to hold the CTRL key while doing so. (Mac users can either: Hold down the Command and Shift keys, and press R or: Hold down the Shift key and click the Reload toolbar button.

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