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The image of the sets of footprints on the beach has become popular as the parable of life. It has been used all over the world, in many languages and presented in many ways. Margaret Fishback and Paul Powers tell how this poem has influenced their lives.  The music was composed by Hugh Johnson ( in gratitude for the insight that Footprints brought him.


A Spiritual Adventure

When fifteen-year-old Noreen Mackey discovered the writings of St John of the Cross her life seemed set on a Carmelite path. In this interview she tells of how she entered a Carmelite convent, not once but twice. She is author of The secret ladder, a spiritual adventure and The crystal fountain, the story of an inner journey and has written articles on spirituality. She now lives in Ireland where she works as a lawyer. She was interviewed by Eileen Good for RNN.

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From addiction to resurrection

Pat Coyle speaks to Majella about how becoming an addict affected her life and the lives of her family. From the age of seventeen until her fortieth birthday, she struggled with dependence on alcohol. Now a recovering alcoholic,. Majella told Pat Coyle the story of her journey back to wholeness, her Resurrection journey, during which she ‘has visited hell’.

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Finding hope

The darkness of Good Friday leads to the joy of Easter and Ressurrection. In his book The Slow Release Miracle Benedictine Ambrose Nugent says that the only essential ministry for the Church today is to give hope – but where do we get that hope? Eileen Good spoke to Fr. Ambrose and to Katrina Long, mother of two, about the need for hope in our society today.

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A journey in forgiveness: part 2

The second part of the interview begins with Richard describing the relationship between him and the soldier who blinded him.

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What on Earth are we doing with creation?

“What on Earth are we doing with Creation?”, “Is God Green?”, “Does religion call on us to look after the planet?” These are among the questions considered in this interviews. Christianity has often been accused of not taking the current ecological crisis on board, but An Tairseach – an ecology centre set up by the Dominicans in 1998 – works to address questions such as these. The centre in Wicklow seeks alternative and more sustainable ways of working with the land. On a spiritual dimension it seeks a renewed relationship with the whole community of life and with nature and on a practical dimension operates as a working organic farm. Miriam Gormally met with three sisters who work in the centre, Marian O’Sullivan and Julie Newman, Dominican sisters and Sr. Ethna Kelly, a Mercy sister. They talked about what spirituality meant to them, giving particular insights into the season of Lent. Marian began be explaining why the focus on ecology is a relevant and active spirituality.<BR/><BR/><BR>[podcast] [/podcast]

A place apart

Many people still spend time on retreat and pilgrimage in ancient sites. Michael Rodgers, a returned missionary priest, welcomes pilgrims to the monastic site in Glendalough, County Wicklow. Piaras Jackson met him beside the valley’s Upper Lake, where Michael spoke of his retreat and pilgrimage work.

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