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Praying in the recession

The Recession and God

Easter Sunday

Kenyan Way of the Cross – List of Stations

The Kenyan Way of the Cross

It is customary to finish The Way of the Cross with a prayer for the church.
Pray for the Pope’s intentions


Fifteenth Station: Jesus rises from the dead – Prayer

Fifteenth Station: Jesus rises from the dead

We are inspired by the resurrection of Jesus to hope for the possibility of new beginnings and a reversal of the effects of climate change. Extremes in weather conditions remind us of the darkness of Good Friday and the death of Jesus. Easter Day is a celebration of rebirth and the picture shows the transformation from death to new life. I realise that God encourages me to hope for a better future and to plant the seeds of change by choosing a lifestyle that will make a positive difference.


Fourteenth Station: Jesus is laid in the tomb – Prayer

Lord, I recognise the despondency of people who are facing almost inevitable pain and loss because of climate change. Let me not bury my heads in the sand of indifference and do nothing. Rather may I carry in my hearts those who suffer as a result of earthquake, tsunami and drought. May I never forget to work for new life and a better future for all people.

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