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  • Mary :
    Saturday 6 June 2009


    Love the new changes. They are well presented and easy to understand. Thank you!

  • Kit :
    Saturday 6 June 2009


    Thank you for this lovely new and enhanced daily prayer. The optional guide is both helpful and easy to use. I’m sure it is a blessing for us all.

  • Sidney :
    Saturday 6 June 2009


    Love, love , love the new additions. A wonderful way to begin my day in the presence of our Lord!

  • Beth :
    Saturday 6 June 2009


    The “classic” version was wonderful, the new presentation even more so. Background and sounds enhance and deepen the experience. One concern would be reading the text. Will the box remain around the words over the background? If not, which happened occasionally on my test version, please consider font color, etc. For the most part there was no problem. Thank you for this ministry. Blessings to you.

  • Robert :
    Saturday 6 June 2009


    Very nice indeed. I look forward to using the version after the beta test.

  • Marie-Louise :
    Saturday 6 June 2009


    A great new format. I look forward to experimenting with the music – perhaps I will not rush the prayer format as I am wont to do. regards Marie-Louise

  • Mark :
    Saturday 6 June 2009


    I like the changes.

  • Milton :
    Saturday 6 June 2009


    I enter the website daily. I print sections occasionally that I take to Adoration for re-reading. i usually use the internet version.

  • John :
    Saturday 6 June 2009


    Thank you for the opportunity of sharing in this survey. I believe the chnges will be of real help to us each day in our spiritual journey. Sacred Space is a source of great strength and new insights every single day. Thank you all, God bless John

  • Terry :
    Friday 5 June 2009


    I love the new options and especially the music! The visual and the auditory add to the power of the prayer in my opinion. Thanks!

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