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Our Lent Retreat

Greetings to you as a member of the Sacred Space Community!

This edition of Latest Space signals a fresh initiative. A Lenten Retreat will be available as both text and audio on our site, from Ash Wednesday, February 13. The audio version is produced by Pray–As-You-Go, a website and podcast run by the British Jesuits, which provides daily audio prayer to listen to, wherever you are, whenever you like. The retreat text is composed by Sister Anne Lyons of the Presentation Congregation, Ireland, and offers six sessions of prayer based on the Lenten theme: ‘He showed the depth of his love’ (John 13:1).

Sister Anne’s prayer during Lent will be for the Sacred Space Community. May her words enable us to appreciate more deeply the self-sacrificing love of Jesus for us, and may we in turn share that love with a needy world.

With every good wish as we move along through Lent and Easter together!
Sincerely yours
Brian Grogan
Director of Sacred Space

Lent: A Springtime for the Spirit

So What About Lent?

Lent derives from the Old English word Lencten, which means the season of spring. In the Northern hemisphere Lent is that time of year when snows melt, days lengthen and new foliage begins to bloom. Nature is alive again! READ MORE

Book Reviews

Faith Maps: Ten Religious Explorers from Newman to Ratzinger

Faith Maps

Author: Michael Paul Gallagher, S.J.,

Since October 2012 the Roman Catholic Church has been celebrating a Year of Faith. This encourages us to understand our faith better and to deepen our commitment to it. Gallagher’s Faith Maps invites us on a journey into faith in the company of other believers whose explorations can encourage and enlighten us. They constitute a roll-call of ten outstanding thinkers about faith, from Newman to Benedict XVI.
(read more)

Unfinished Business: Black Women, the Black Church, and the Struggle to Thrive in America

Unfinished Business: Black Women, the Black Church, and the Struggle to Thrive in America

Author: Keri Day

Why review a book on this topic in Sacred Space? Because, in the gospels, faith and justice travel hand in hand. As Saint Paul asserts, if one part of the body of Christ is hurting, all the rest hurt with it (I Corinthians 12:26). Would that this were true! But we share a global village in which the goods available are unequally divided, where the playing field is not level; for some, the starting point on the ladder is far below that of others. What can we do? (read more)

The Goal of Life

The Goal of Life
Author: Laurence Freeman OSB
There is no substitute for actually praying, yet it is encouraging to read occasionally about prayer. Our own prayer may seem fuzzy and unfocused; then along comes someone who offers us a good map, and off we go again on our pilgrim path. Freeman provides such a map.
(read more)

Good News on Donations

Donate Online
We owe a special thanks to a recently deceased donor who left us a generous bequest. Many of you have generously given what you can to support the site and we are deeply grateful.

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