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April 2014 | No 45
  ISSN 2009-2008  

Like the guards frightened at the tomb, all who seek security will be shaken by Easter. If we are ready to be surprised, we may recognise God's presence; if we are able to hear another voice, we may hear one that calls us by name; if we are not afraid, we will see promise in the empty tomb.
May you be surprised this Easter, hear God's voice and receive deep peace!

Called to be Saints: Lent Retreat

The last session of the Lent retreat, published in cooperation with Pray as you go, is now available.

Go to Session 7 of the Lent Retreat Paul

The final session of the Lent retreat directs our thoughts to Saint Paul's assertion that we are “alive to God in Jesus Christ”. the session offers some reflection on this centre of our lives and invites some prayerful reflection on how the retreat experience has been.

How was your retreat?

We will value your feedback on the Retreat - it helps us to know how we might best serve your prayer in future. We are very happy that some 25,000 people have used the retreat and we hope that it has been of benefit to you in your discipleship. You are welcome to add your comment here. Published comments are encouraging to other people too!

Linking with Life
Thanks to our supporters
We are sincerely grateful to everybody who responded to our fundraising appeal during Lent. Your donation encourages us and offers vital material help in keeping the site online. Ash Wednesday of this year saw 24,000 people visit the site and we continued throughout Lent to serve up over 700 pages every hour. Your donation has enabled this mission - thank you!
Sacred Space Spring Survey 2014

surveyWe very grateful to everybody who has taken the time to complete our survey. The answers given a very valuable to us as we try to determine how best to direct Sacred Space.

The Spring Survey 2014 can be completed anonymously and is likely to take less than five minutes. You have given us many indications that we are on the right track, already serving your daily prayer in a helpful way. We will let the survey run for a while longer, so there is still an opportunity for you to add your thoughts and opinions.

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Some recent messages sent to Sacred Space
  • I have just enjoyed the first session of the retreat and thank you all for such a powerful experience of God's love. I can be a saint!! What an amazing possibility. Thank you and God bless all of you. 
  • It’s great to feel and know that I am not praying alone. And I always “need inspiration”. Great site, thanks for being there.
  • Sacred Space, this wonderful site, has transformed the way I pray and is an indispensable and inspiring part of my daily worship, reflection and meditation. God bless all those involved.
  • Sacred Space helps me start my day on a positive spiritual note. I Wonderful opportunity to pray through this site. Thank you.
  • I really like the addition of Lent and Advent retreat.
  • I always read Living Space after my prayer time and really appreciate that additional depth. All in all: thank you so much!
  • When we have moved around to about 5 different locations around the country because my husband chose to change jobs/transfer - Sacred Space became my Spiritual Home emotionally, and greatly aided my SANITY! thank you & God bless your combined efforts :)
  • It has encouraged me to be more prayerful
  • Sacred Space fills the gap between praying alone and in a congregation. It helps me collect my thoughts when I need to most during the day. I love the site and the retreats. You have been a great help to me.
  • Thank you for allowing me to pray, to find God, to listen to Him, to feel His touch, His mercy, His call to love others as He loves me.
  • Add yours!